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State Web Site:

General Business Requirement:

Apply to the Department of Commerce for a Certificate of Authority to conduct business in Alaska.
Business Entity Registration Forms


None required.

Unemployment Insurance:

Alaska - Employer UI Registration (PDF Form)

Alaska - Employer UI Registration (On-Line)

New Business Rate:  2.46%
Wage Limit:  $32,700
Employers Reporting Unit for SUTA  Contributions:  Client, unless the PEO can pass direction & control test.
See:  Alaska - Reporting Requirements for Employee Leasing Arrangements

Agency Web Site - Alaska Department of Labor

State Taxes:

Alaska does not have a tax on wages or salary.

Agency Web Site - Alaska Department of Revenue

Workers’ Compensation:

Rating Bureau – NCCI

State Specific Requirements for PEO
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Workers’ compensation coverage can be provided by the PEO or client/co-employer, although the PEO is not formally recognized in Alaska statutes.

Exclusive remedy benefits will likely apply to both PEO and client/co-employer, assuming all employees are covered.

Agency Web Site - Alaska Division of Workers' Compensation

Benefit Plans:

PEO and/or client can sponsor fully insured benefit plans.
PEO sponsored self-funded benefit plans are not specifically addressed in Alaska laws or regulations, but will most likely to be considered MEWAs.

Agency Web Site - Alaska Division of Insurance